Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ontario Is A Fishing Paradise

With a huge variety of fish running its streams and rivers and residing in its lakes, Ontario is a favorite destination for fishing enthusiasts the world over. Known for playing host to the "big one," this Canadian province welcomes tourists to enjoy the natural splendor its boundaries have to offer.

Before diving into a fishing trip in Ontario, however, there are some things a non-resident might need to pay attention to. Fishing in this province generally requires a permit and some areas might demand more than one. Camping in Ontario's Crown lands, for example, might require a specialized permit for those who come to not only fish, but enjoy the great outdoors on their stay.

Getting solid information about where you're going and what you intend to fish and comparing it to what licenses or permits you might need can be a little tricky. The best place to seek answers and avoid any unfortunate circumstance is directly from the government itself. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is perhaps the best location to find all the information a fishing expedition will require before it pulls out. That site can be accessed here:

Those who choose to fish Ontario do so for the massive variety of fish they can encounter. Although not all species are found in every location during certain times of the year, here are some general rules of thumb for where to find what kinds of fish:

Warm water fish found in Ontario include: pumpkinseed, bluegill, goldeye, largemouth bass, white perch and more.

Cooler waters will play hose to black crappie, walleye, rock bass, northern pike, white sucker and even redhorse suckers.

The cold waters of Ontario are home to rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, Chinook salmon, Cisco, smelt and more.

The diverse landscapes found in Ontario offer up all kinds of fishing and outdoor possibilities for residents and tourists alike. So prevalent are fishing opportunities in this Northern haven that urban fishing is also quite popular. Keep in mind, however, that licensing regulations may apply even in small urban streams and creeks, so check out the laws before you cast.

Whether you're planning to fish in different parts of Ontario or have a favorite spot picked out, don't forget to check local rules and regulations. This province is welcoming to tourists and outdoor lovers, but its authorities aren't friendly to those who don't play by the rules. Ignorance isn't a good defense. Check it out before you drop a line.

While enjoying all that Ontario's fishing scene has to offer, don't forget to check out some of the scenery as well. This province is known for its breathtaking landscapes, abundance of wildlife and more. To truly experience Ontario in all its glory, camping trips are often recommended. While Toronto has the allure of the city, the wilds of Ontario are really where the action is.

When preparing for a trip to Ontario, remember the climate here can be a little harsh. Even in the summer months, the temperatures will be cooler than those from some locales might expect. Pack accordingly.

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