Sunday, June 25, 2006

Theory Only; Preventing International Terrorism

Perhaps we should discuss some theory of exploitation of another mans defense system. The best way to exploit a defense system is to find a whole or weakness. Since the United States knows all our own weaknesses we should find a way to shore up the most critical, yet realize that we do not have to shore up everyone provided we have a contingency or back-up plan in case of attack. Think of a football team with a safety, if the opponent breaks thru the first two lines of defense then your safety picks them up and takes them out.

If the International Terrorists were to believe that there are ten ways to move people, freight and goods, then the disruption of the system(s) of any one, two or three makes no difference. So once the system is up and running and it is known to be redundant to such a large degree, then the game is over, we win, since no one would attack knowing our will could be compromised, as the system can repair itself just like the human body. If they take out two refineries, we have 1000 more. If they take out power lines, we re-route. If they take out rail lines at a choke point we ship by truck; if they take out a freeway, we re-route immediately. Thus all such targets would be silly. They would not affect our civilization, merely provide more work for Americans to rebuild stronger, thus we are unaffected. We win in advance as they know it is no use at all.

Self-healing distribution channels for power, water, waste, transportation, information, etc are all in place. So by building our civilization strong we also protect our selves from Natural Disaster disruptions as well. No International Terrorist of act of God can defeat us, that seems to be the answer. No weakness without back up. We can beat them if they try or we have already beat them if they don't then onto the next sector to protect. Protecting the Nation becomes a process of elimination of any and all weakness.

Think of it like this. There is no good or evil, as it all just is. But the closest thing to evil is mediocrity, in difference and weakness. If your remove them from your systems, you do not have to worry about being attacked, because if you are you are strong enough to instantly re-group, get a little pissed off and rage holly hell on your opponent. It is merely a decision of our nation to be in it to win it and not let anything stand between us and goal-line without being totally obliterated. Again without malice or anger, as it is only about one thing; Winning and that means the Protection of the American People and our civilization.

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