Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Necktie storage cabinets

Okay, so I speak to this one friend of mine who usually has not much to talk about unless it is about his relationships with women. Now, it would be one thing if they were interesting relationships, but they are not. And this most recent relationship, I've told him for over 7 years to get away from this one girl. Now he's on his way to get engaged to this gal. I just don't get it. But even better yet... right after my friend got back from being online searching for necktie storage cabinets, he picks up the phone, calls me and proceeds to speak with my wife instead and tells her that he just came back from an appointment with a marriage counselor. He told my wife that what the counselor said are exactly the reasons I've been saying for him to leave her. My wife even verified to without me saying a thing. My wife reports that, in his voice, he is now finally opening his eyes since he came back from the therapist, my wife says. So go figure. Maybe he does not really need a friend to seek advise and confide in, rather, he needs a really good therapist.


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